The Thing About Moving A Piano

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The thing about moving a piano, well, just you try it. Well, fair enough, perhaps you did try. And you pulled it off. You are one of the lucky maestros perhaps. Because your upright piano stands on wheels and it’s been easy enough to move it from its usual corner in the living room to the other side of the room while you were busy with your annual spring clean. But what if you really had to move? The piano movers sarasota fl truck needs to come by.

Maybe you did try this before. You tried to lift it. It did not budge. It was just so darn heavy. You got your strong-armed neighbor to assist you. You work behind a desk but he’s busy with his hands all day. So, you would have thought, he’s used to lifting heavy weights. And sure enough, the two of you were able to lift the piano. But you had to stop this nonsense quickly. The weight of the piano was too awkward to bear.

If you carried on like this, you would have scratched and dented your instrument to bits. So fortunately, you came to your senses and you stopped right there. So, what now? There’s that truck. These guys are not just used to the heavy weights; they know their way around pianos too. But do they know how to play? You never know. Ask them when their truck parks in your driveway. And don’t think that they’ll be carrying the instrument from your living room, through the hallway, out the front door, down to the driveway.

They’ve brought along special tools for this job. Now, picture this. Imagine yourself at Carnegie Hall, trying to lift the big, black grand, never mind playing it.